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Invite your Team

You can invite your team members to Appuri by clicking on the Organization label on the left menu.

There are no limits or costs associated with adding additional users to your team. Each user has their own settings such as which columns are enabled, and in what order on the Users screen.

Location of organization settings

Location of organization settings

Once here, you can see a list of users in your organization.

Admin users can invite a new team member ("Invite a team member" button in top right). Simply fill out the available fields and permissions.

Resend an invitation or reset a lost account

Users with 'Admin' permission can re-send invitations or reset lost accounts of their team members.

First, click on the user. If they have not registered an account, a button is offered to "Resend Invite Email". If they have registered in the past, the button offers will offer "Send Credential Reset"

For security, account set or reset links expire after 3 days

Admins can resend invitations or resend credential resets at any time, to generate a new link.

Permissions: Admin vs User

Users have full permission to use all normal features such as:

In addition to everything Users can do, the following are restricted to Admins:

  • Invite new team members
  • Reset team member credentials to the associated account email
  • See Credentials on Settings screen used to set up external application access to Appuri data, such as a BI data visualization tool.
  • Edit the database whitelist to allow additional connections
  • Create applications (API only feature)

Still need help?

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Invite your Team